Are we alone here..??

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

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" Have you ever thought about the existence of life beyond earth..?? "

" Does there exist an advanced civilization in universe, which is better than humans..?? "

" If so, have they achieved the speed of light..?? "


The Universe which ages 13.8 billion years spreads across billions and billions of miles. It has got a large number of galaxies which has trillions of stars and planetary systems. But there is not even single evidence of life anywhere. Though our scientists have developed so many types of equipment and devices to detect any kind of data outside the earth, there are no pieces of evidence to prove the existence of life outside earth. Generally, we refer to this life as Aliens (those who exist outside the earth). Aliens can be in the form of microorganisms like bacteria or viruses or it can be as complex as humans.

The life outside the earth, so what we call Aliens, as an artist's imagination
The life outside the earth, so what we call Aliens, as an artist's imagination
Aliens (artist's imagination)

If one questions the existence of life outside the earth, the answer would be definitely yes!!

Because there exists no speciality in our Solar system which couldn't be found elsewhere in the Universe. The matter which constitutes life on earth is also present throughout the Universe. The laws of Physics which apply on the matter present on earth also applies to the matter elsewhere in Universe. So it can't be said that life can exist and survive only on earth. Even if we consider our Solar system, our scientists believe that Jupiter's moon Europa and Saturn's moon Titan and Enceladus have got traces of sensitive organisms. If life could exist in our Solar system, then it could definitely exist elsewhere in the Universe at various habitable planets. If life exists in the Universe, it could be as powerful as humans or it could also be more advanced as well.