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In today's world, Innovation has got no limits. The technology and inventions would seem to grow exponentially in the coming days. The human potential for learning has never stopped. It's not just a day's work which has given us so many results. The efforts, patience and dedication by our scientists to achieve this thing is just unimaginable. To support this innovation and research we have set up a virtual platform where one can share the innovative idea or research article related to Astronomy or Astrophysics with us and we would make sure to upload it on our website and in return we would make you a member of The Spacestellar community. You will also earn 'The Spacestellar Innovator' badge or 'The Spacestellar Researcher' badge along with an official certificate issued by us. This is a great opportunity for all the innovators and researchers to make use of this opportunity and showcase their talent!!

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