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Rockets In Real World

Rockets and Spacecrafts have a huge role to play in the world of research and technology. From launching astronauts onto the moon to placing a satellite into orbit, rockets have been put into the work every time. Due to the large thrust produced by rockets, it has become an ideal vehicle for space programs and other missions.

Rockets are used for multiple applications :

- Launch Vehicles

Rockets have a wide range of application in launching various components into the outer space. It includes as small as a pico satellite to as large as humans and even large components  for bubble telescope and International Space Station ( IIS ).


- Human Spaceflight

Rockets have a great contribution towards ' Humans in Space ' mission. From launching the astronauts in 1968 by NASA to the recent launching of astronauts into the IIS by SpaceX, rockets have a great role to play. 

- Space Exploration

Exploration of outer space is one of the latest and hottest field in science and research. Discovery of exoplanets, asteroids, comets, and even life species is ever-growing and has got an enormous scope in future. Rockets have a great role to play in present as well as future Space Exploration Missions.


- Weaponry

Rockets are used as missiles, in military and defence. The power of thrust and speed gives rocket ad edge over other to use it to attack military bases of enemy and also to suppress the enemy by destroying it's units, defence vehicles such as drones, aircraft, submarines, satellites, etc.

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