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Rocket Science is a branch of Aerospace Engineering, it is the science of building Rockets. It is about using rocket propulsion to move anything from a firework to a manned ship.

- What is a Rocket ?

   A Rocket is a projectile, used by an aircraft, spacecraft or other vehicles to obtain a thrust from a Rocket engine. It acts as a launch vehicle for space transportation.

- What is Rocket Engine ?

   A Rocket engine is used to power Rockets which uses stored rocket propellants as the reaction mass for forming a high-speed propulsive jet of fluid, usually high-temperature gas.

- How do Rockets work ?

   Working of a Rocket is governed by two principles :
1 ) Newton's third law of motion : " For every action there is equal and opposite reaction. "
2 ) Law of Conservation of Momentum : " The Momentum of a closed isolated system is always conserved. "





The rocket works on the principle of conservation of linear momentum. During the firing of the rocket, the propellant burns and large amount of gas is pushed out at high velocity. The ejected gas pushes the rocket with a very high velocity in the opposite direction and the rocket acquires an equal momentum. 

Learn about Rockets and it's technology in detail : 

Based on the fuel used in the engine for propulsion, Rockets are classified into the following types :

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